The roller mill technology for fine milling, which is used in our Czech Silicat s.r.o. plant, has several important advantages compared to the traditional technology:

  • Significant savings in energy consumption
  • Lower roller mill maintenance costs
  • Absence of vibrations and low system noise
  • Easy replenishment of machine technological nodes
  • Flexible change in production and output mixtures

Sophisticated industrial control systems are used for the production process. The production is controlled by a central computer processing input production data. The system can be accessed remotely through the Internet, allowing quick solutions to non-standard situations, not only from the Company's technical office but also online, directly from the technical support of the Italian partner. Czech Silicat s.r.o. uses only raw materials of the highest quality, namely quality feldspar and quartz from the nearby Krásno quarry. Thanks to this, it offers a wide range of mixtures that meet the requirements for the production of any ceramic mass.

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