About the Company

Czech Silicat s.r.o. is an international company founded by the Italian companies Minerali Industriali S.r.l. and Miners & Co. S.r.l., as well as KMK GRANIT a.s., a Czech company.

The Company is engaged in the production of micro-milled silicate raw materials (feldspar, quartz, etc.), which are used in the production of glass, ceramic masses, and glazes. The Company's manufacturing processes are based on the latest technologies for milling raw materials, enabling product customization according to the specific needs of each customer.

The Czech Silicat plant is located in Horní Slavkov, a few kilometres from the Krásno feldspar quarry of the parent company KMK GRANIT. It was put into operation in June 2008.

The Company’s Vision

The founding of Czech Silicat s.r.o. was inspired by the vision that raw material producers and their customers should work closely together and support each other. Each of them contributes their own experience and knowledge to better respond to the requirements of today's dynamic market in the ceramic and glass industry.

We deal with the properties of all output raw materials and mixtures individually and in detail. Through the professional management of chemical analysis and granulometry, we are able to achieve in the resulting final material the optimal properties that are required by customers for subsequent production. We respond flexibly and quickly to changes in formulas of the produced raw materials, and we are able to provide our customers with a reference test sample of several tons.

Ing. Miroslav Kolbasa Executive Director +420 602 120 720 kolbasa@czechsilicat.cz
Luca Rossetti Executive Director +39 345 315 7940 lrossetti@min-ind.it
Petr Ott Plant Manager +420 775 308 999 ott@czechsilicat.cz
Patrik Parkmann Technical manager +420 725 581 551 parkmann@czechsilicat.cz